Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Red Robin Day

Spent all most of the Day Slogging it up Mt Fromme Did Seventh Secret a couple of other runs, to the bottom and then rode right back up to Expresso. Did some skinny stuff on there and surprised myself by not falling off.
Despair- I'd only ridden half way to Mt Fromme on the Road, then you still have to go up it!
Mt Fromme Expresso - Some of the easy Shore riding

Headed back to meet doug and count the seabus to downtown to meet Karen for Dinner went to Red Robins, yes I know another burger but what a burger easily best so far 9/10 9.5 if the meat was a little warmer!
Trying to have a conversation with Karen around the starter was a bit of a problem.
Beer & Burger and it looks like the picture on the Burgerizer!
Doug giving his Bleu Ribbon Burger the thumbs up!

View from the Seabus - Northshore at night.
View from Doug and Karens roof deck of the First Night of the Celebration Of Light.
We were about 2 miles away so it musta been Big!

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