Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lynn Canyon

Went over to Lynn Canyon today, the ride over was mainly up but at least it was drier than yesterday. With Doug's Detour completed I was into the forest once more and again I found the roar of the river very peaceful.
Didn't take a great deal of photos on the suspension bridge as it was only just big enough to fit my bike down it. At this point I hooked up with a Swiss guy called Casper and yes he was friendly. We traversed over to Mt Seymour and eventually found the bottom of the Ned's trial and pushed up (not advised it was a funking long way). We were soon back down, I can see why they shuttle here....
The view upstream on Lynn Suspension Bridge.

I finally got back at a little after 17:30hrs I was met by Doug loading the Car up for the Thursday Night NSRIDE club ride. We set off up Mt Fromme at 18:30 after a short drive to it and i started peddling again, I think I did quite well seeing that I had been in the saddle since 11:00hrs. We met up in Seymours pub after and I had 3 (not quite) pints of some Honey Lager which was quite good although the waitress was the most grumpiest ever, and your supposed to tip em? F@ckin Smile!

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