Monday, July 16, 2007

Wandering North Vancouver

Crossing the road in the UK is taking your life into your hands here its weird and unnerving people in cars just stop for you!! They actually expect you to walkout in front of them between those two parallel lines. Most pedestrians here don't even bother to look if anythings coming, just weird.... Wandered through the Native area of town was a bit of a dump by comparison to the rest of North Vancouver. Ended up in a few shops found the shorts I bought on Saturday at half price so now i have two pairs, D'oh! and I wonder why i have no cash. Wandered around a few typical supermarkets comic and surf shops seem reasonably priced, unlike the bike shops the spares are about 40% more expensive they need a CRC here!

Burger time again, one because it was the only place around I went to Mc D's, much cheaper than the UK but the burger was in an anemic bun and wasn't that tasty either can only give it a 3/10. And just like the film said, the drinks are massive this a medium aka large in the UK, am so glad i asked to see the cup first I never would have lifted a large off the counter...

Mc Donald's "Am Lovin it" ? maybe not...

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At 7:08 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

Maybe I should start selling my delicious wors (sausage) rolls there and show them what tasty good food is all about.


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