Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No longer an Orange Orange

Well my frame developed a crack on the shock mount on the down tube, and with just 4 weeks till my holiday to B.C. I was gutted!

I sent it straight back to Orange who informed me that not only was it just out of warranty the swing arm was cracked as well!

They said they'd fix the weld but I had to pay for the swing arm to be fixed at a cost of £200. Not to bad considering I get a respray and the loan of a swing arm till after my holiday plus new bearings and mech hanger.

Straight outta the box, with a leaky back brake and a damaged hose not so good. The silver swing arm is the loaner.
All back together again, well it was for a while the BB is in bits as in needs some new bearings.
I got nine more days till i get it onto a plane plenty of time?


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