Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Burning Desire

So I have finally done some more to the house, and i've decided on a solid fuel fire, once its finished am gonna have to get me a sheep skin rug, a roll neck jumper and a pipe...

...What girl could resist a combination like that eh?

Had the fires of desire doused by The Trev last weekend as he managed to get to first base with a girl i've fancied for a while, the git but as i'm off to his gaff this weekend coming i'll have to return the favor ;) Although rumor has it he messed up along the way maybe theres opportunity still?

So anyway i've had to turn my attentions back to fixing up the house, but theres still a long way to go but it doesn't look to bad so far?


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Jonny H said...

Nice fire place. Bit disappointed about the jumper and pipe. Thought you'd be rollin around naked on the sheepskin rug.


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