Monday, August 14, 2006

Downhill Holiday in Morzine France 2006

So today was the first day back to work and I got the blues pretty bad, not so good eh? So I spent the day think about what I got up to last week.

We stopped at Chalet Tintin in Morzine it was a really nice place with its own Jacuzzi!

The weather at the start and finish of the week was bad but we got some drier days in the middle of the week and even some sun. The trails were being repaired by the end of the week making them quite slick which was a relief for my tired wrists.

Spent most evenings with a few beers in the chalet watching the days video footage that we’d shot, and talk shit with Ailsa the girl who ran our chalet. She was quality I did have a really good time chilling (/moaning) with her.

Got a free 4 pint jug thingy of beer in
the Buda bar for having “Cool Hair” but one drunken night I got Ailsa got cut off the green horns so I look normal once more. I was trying to video it but I was so drunk I couldn't work my own camera.

The side effects for cutting it off were no more free beer, and that nobody took my picture again unless I was wearing my helmet?

I finally did the shed drop at Les Gets, wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be and I was still alive and not broken which was a bonus! Although later in the week I hit a tree at speed on the Pleney which really messed up my day the odd noises I was making whilst trying to catch my breath are rather strange, and its all caught on video too.

A broken seat post bolt on the last day was an unexpected cost, €20 for the wrong sized seat post just for the 8mm bolt, you don't get that kinda trouble in the winter fixing bindings now do you! The guy just needed a mask to go with his stripped top, day light robbery!

Getting it fixed was worth it as I quite enjoyed the day overall and Hamish took this photo of me trying to get some air. Even in the rain and the freezing fog on the lift back home didn’t break the buzz of a good day out riding.


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