Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sunshine Coast

We took the ferry over to the Sunshine Coast today to meet up with the guys from NSRIDE. Taking the ferry was a bit strange as its out of the ordinary but here its just the norm...
As the club caters for so many differing types for riding at all the different levels it took a while before we were on our bikes. Once we were it was so very challenging and the heat in the forest was sweltering. The shore riding was so high in places I was just glad this section had a handrail, it wasn't all this sturdy tho...
Eventually we reached our goal a trial called Red Baron it was pretty smooth and so fast, I gotta admit i did end up in a ditch at one point but it wasn't my fault i've not ridden this bike in ages :) but I don't think my P1 would have cut the mustard on that trail tho.

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