Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Downtown in the Rain

I went downtown with Karen on her way to work, we parted company after we got outside the sea bus station. It hadn't stopped raining all morning i walked the width of the headland no shops were open and although I'd past about 500 Starbucks on the way i wasn't going to go in one. I wander back down Seymour and took a few turns to find the library, I really need to get outta the rain... I eventually found refuge in a Native art gallery called Hills it was warm dry and very interesting looking at the artwork in there. Spotted some images a quite liked, and some of the sculptures were good like this killer whale couldn't quite afford the selling price tho...
As the rain was slowing cruised around a bit more in Gastown, wandered onto West Hastings and found that most of the people round there either were F#cked up drugs of smelt like pi$$ as i passed then, cheesed it outta there and went back to main drag and Canada Place. It looks crap, but i did manage to get a good shot of brontosaurus feeding by the coast...Was passing the Steam Clock at Noon when i sounded off was a L.O.B. Visited two more galleries the better was Inuit Gallery, Vancouver, BC but man was it expensive one piece of wood work was amazing called Eagle and Salmon Mask. Then I went back to Hills and purchased a print of Confessions of the Moon which I was very impressed with earlier. They took the seabus back to the Northshore, then used the same ticket to catch the bus even closer to home. cost $3.25 compared to £1.40 one way to town in Derby? Pattern developing here i think?

Burger Time
After swooping some shorts at Cove bike shop went to Wendy's, I was greeted with the usual
"What can I get you sir?"
"I'll have the Baconater " sniggered Phatboy
Gotta admit it was good, square but good. Its just managed to scrap in with a 7/10, the fries sucked but that's just the same as everywhere else.

Did the Grouse Grind after D&K got back from work did it in 47Min's which wasn't to bad by all accounts. Got to see the bears but didn't stay to long as the bugs were biting!!

The view from the top of Grouse mountain looking North East ish.
One of the fear inducing Grizzly Bears of Grouse Mountain
(OK so I edited out the electric fence everybody was hiding behind.)

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