Saturday, July 21, 2007

Border Run to Galbraith

We got up early to get across the border into the USA it was still a wait of 90 minutes which was rather dull. We eventually get to Galbraith and the weather was much better we're being lead by Sheldon (and wife Nancy) one of the NSRIDE guys he was a good laugh and he really knew his way round that place. There was quite a lot of up , some fast downs and a few stunts, I found it enjoyable.
We got food in the gas station on the way home, in the UK that would a sweaty sandwich, not so here. An 8" Chicken Hot Sub with all the Jalapenos and pickles you can shake a stick all for $5, bargain!
Few beers later in the Rusty Gull and it was all over, we were all knackered...
Doug, Karen, and Nikki
Karen, Nikki, Sheldon and Paul

Me, sporting my new shorts before I ripped em.

Doug with his Banana aka Doug with his illegally smuggled fruit.

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