Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crankworx at Whistler

Got up Crankworx at Whistler this afternoon, was good experience but it went too long and the course was poor in places the riders seemed to struggle with the unfortunately named last jump the Gap-O-Tron? It was huge.Practice on Badlynamed-O-Jump
We first settled near the dirt jumps I was amazed by how stupid Joe Public are "Er maybe you don't wanna sit there cos people are trying to ride those jumps?". The amount of near misses was amazing I saw one guys climbing up (damaging) a jump as one guy was flying towards it, he cr@pped his pants! Her "Oh, what the hell was that",
Him "i not sure darling maybe a bird, looks like is gonna land on the kids"

The riders were also badly scored we BOOed the judges more than once, was entertaining but it could have been so much better. At least people got heckled at by the Downhill guys.
Nathan Rennie and others taking the Pi$$.

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