Friday, August 03, 2007

Mission to Sun Peaks

Set off with Nicky, Paul and Sophie the dog for Sun Peak's was a five hour drive but think about it, its only like going to Scotland at home. Sun Peaks has more potential tho.Find a different type of burger along the way Triple-O's had the Cheddar Bacon Burger not bad at all 8/10! Like the "leave the pickle on the outside" for those freaks that don't like, weirdo's...Got to see the Blues Brothers in the gas station to think they were there to save the world or something or maybe just Hope?
Got to the place about 17:00hrs and was well impressed with the place we had got thanks to Nicky and Paul for sorting it. Was soon in the hot tub looking like a fat balding Ozzy, I seemed to have miss placed that photo tho

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