Thursday, August 09, 2007

A dirty job....

For some reason I have to get my sister a gift because I'm on holiday? I never ask for anything other than her having a good time, No Doubt (Mmm, Gwen) it'll be something that'll just sit in her room unwanted. Anyway whilst downtown carrying out said rubbish job i found the Donair Hut, so how could i refuse eh? 1 Chicken Donair wrap coming up "hot sauce?" he asked "yeah", "One line or two", "Two", "Three?", "Yeah go on then". It was good, washed down with there home made lemonade 9/10! no picture tho (sorry Steve), it didn't last that long so directions will have to do!

We got out
for final ride on the shore b4 leaving did CBC, and Team Pangor. Took the Video camera so if i get chance later I'll post some footage...

Random Picture for todayNoticed this guy whilst coming come down an escalator he so looks like my Dad from the back?!

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